Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What a half term!!!

I hate this but I've got to do it:
O - M - G!!!!
Was that half term?  What happened? Where'd it go? Who stole it from me?  I'll tell you WHAT stole it from this family and that was a nasty sickness bug.  Saturday and Sunday nice start to the week but then came Monday......Dave in and out of the bathroom ALL DAY!  Quinn seems to be off colour and off food with not very nice nappies but otherwise ok.  Then Tuesday comes along and Dave feels crappy but not actually sick or anything, baby Q still off food a bit and nappies were horrible, I was a little off colour and a few more trips to the toilet that I would've liked but not sick.  Anya and Zack perfectly fine so far......
Uh oh!  Hear Anya crying at about 4am Wednesday, Dave goes to investigate as I think she has just wet the bed (only her 5th dry night so expecting some accidents) and I hear him react in the wrong way to a wet bed....not angry or anything just a lot more concern in his voice (can't hear exactly what is being said, just the tone) so I get up to investigate too and was faced with a little girl insisting that it was "just an accident" covered head to toe in puke and all over her bed too bless her!  I'm not great with vomit but I jump in to help, taking Anya to the bathroom to bathe her and wash her hair etc while Dave strips the bed, assesses the cuddlies for splatter and takes all downstairs to wash.  Little Q woke up a bit with all the commotion (A was whimpering a bit as I washed and dried her) but settled again ok and Z was dead to the world as usual.  Clean bed, clean Anya job done.
Working Wednesday so knackered when we get up, get kiddies sorted and on the road.  Zack then says he's not feeling well.  Here we go, I thought but all he had all day was eggy burps!  We're supposed to be having the step-kids tomorrow and I begin to panic!  We can't let them down again, in the past SOMETHING has always happened to stop us having them over.  We decide to go ahead unless we are up to our knees in vomit, or something close. 
So Mel brings the children over Thursday pm as discussed and they settle down.  Dave gets the beds sorted, we have tea, all 5 (Q being too young) watch a DVD then bed.  All going very well.....
Friday goes well, shopping, cooking, computers, TV etc.  Take-away Pizza for tea with ice-cream then popcorn and movie night - heaven for them!  Anya and Jack go to bed and the oldest 3 pick another movie to settle and watch.  they go up and all is great until......
Jack pukes all over himself and the sleepingbag and air-bed!!  ANOTHER bath and bed change (complete bed in this case!) and the poor little thing had to sleep downstairs as when he moved he puked!
Jack not well all day saturday, Mum and Dad visited, cakes baked in afternoon, THEN Rose gets sick after tea with Holly shortly after!  Worried now as Holly is diabetic - I mean SERIOUSLY diabetic with a pump etc - so needed to make sure all was ok.  Rose was being a trooper taking care of herself mostly bless her and sleeping on the sofa (where she was when she first fell ill), Holly had Anya's room to herself because as soon as she was ill we took Anya to our room.  What a night!
So long story short: the only people who weren't vomiting in our house last week was Zack and me!  So glad I have my Scentsy warmers to take away the smells :-)  FML!  Please can I have a better easter break?

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