Monday, 11 February 2013

component jewellery???

Ooh not feeling to well today but at work anyway.  Caught a bit of D & V I think but it'll pass so I'm not signing my will just yet!
Dave's been on and on about some jewellery he has seen online that people have made out of electrical components such as resistors.  I had a moment of inspiration today and made an earring for him with 3 different coloured resistors.  I will post a pic later when we are at home and I have the camera.  Quite proud of myself as I only used the resistors and some hot glue.  Obviously if I were to do it properly and not on the spur of the moment the piece that goes through his ear would be a proper silver-plated earring piece and not one of the legs of the resistors that I cut off pinched and glued to the back and then bent into a hook shape to hold in!!!!
well better get back to work...

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