Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why me?

Car developed a horrible noise when leaving work.  Got as far as Waterbeach before it got really bad.  RAC towed car home.  Calling garage and Warranty peeps tomorrow.  Clutch f****d.  Not a happy bunny.
Really lovely couple invited us into their home (we were in waterbeach to buy a radio for Dave that we had won from ebay - was supposed to be a 5 min stop on way home as we'd left work a little early especially) gave us coffee and kept the 3 of us warm while we waited.  There are some genuinely lovely people still left in the world.  As RAC guy (Ben) couldn't fit us in his van, Terry (radio man) offered to drive us all the way home!  How unbelievably kind! 
I need to make a special mention too for my super childminder Jessica and her husband Arron for hanging onto our other 2 until we got back and I could run the other car over to collect them.  So glad we didn't part-ex the Brava!
Now got to battle on phone tomorrow to get it fixed.  So going to have nightmares about this tonight.  Oh well here's to a restless nights sleep and a terrible morning.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Year New Car!

Hi everyone it's me again!  Well I found the christmas spirit eventually, it was hiding in a tin of Roses chocolates lol!!!  Seriously, we did have a lovely christmas and new year with Mum and Dad and my sister and her family.  Presents were great - none that I even slightly considered exchanging!!!  Dave will tell you all that I am extremely difficult to buy for and very hard to surprise but he managed it this year!  Must be something about being married now but not only did I love all of my gifts from him, I actually had no idea what any of them were! Well ok, maybe a sneaking suspicion about a couple but normally I definitely know what most of them are but not this time!  Children loved all of their gifts too (I assume Quinn did anyway he didn't actually say much.....) and have played with ALL of them and are still playing with them.  None are left forgotten and cast aside in the corners of the living room or bedroom as is the case occassionally with some children (I have heard tales....) so needless to say I am very happy with the way things went.  Then out of the blue we get a phone call from someone who shall remain nameless (some of you reading this will already know who this is but they have asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal) saying that they would like to give us some money (GIVE not LEND) to get another car as the one we have is unreliable and a bit too small for our growing family!  OMG!!!  I'm not speechless often but this time I actually was - so much so that this person had to ask if I was still there and if I'd heard what they had said!  Then the thank you's and the tears flowed.  After the call the shock and disbelief set in.  The next day we were sure it was a weird dream that we had both somehow had at the same time but no, it was very real.  We are the luckiest people and very very grateful.  The hunt for a suitable car began in earnest but there wasn't really that much about (and still isn't) with our criteria.  Now all we wanted was a car that was newer than out current one and had either 3 separate back seats or an MPV (7 seater).  Dave has a thing against most French cars so that was a no-no.  We decided a while ago that we liked the Fiat Ulysse MPV's and so with that in mind we trawled the internet and car sales places.  At last we found one in Peterborough and one just north of Bradford.  We decided to look at the one in P'boro as it's closest.  Very Long story short, we liked it, got the cheque, banked it, waited for it to clear, went back today in the snow and bought it!!!  I feel very lucky and very happy right now.  Even though I have a stonking headache as I'm writing this.  I am fed, I am warm, I am loved an awful lot by my family and friends and we have an 8 SEATER CAR!!!  I ask you - How lucky can one person be?