Monday, 10 December 2012

been a long time!

Hi everyone!  I know I haven't posted since August but a lot has been happening - the christening of my youngest son, Quinn, a trip to Las Vegas with work and planning a wedding and finally getting married to Dave!   Phew glad it's all done now but it seems that christmas has sneaked up on me!!!
I know everyone celebrates differently and has their own family traditions been passed down and also some new ones that you started when you started your own families, and that some love to get their decorations out as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 30th November and others leave it until a couple of days before Christmas day to put them up....BUT don't you just find it a bit too much sometimes?  I'm not saying that every year I feel like this and it's probably just because I've had a lot on my plate, but this year I don't really seem to have the christmas spirit.  I've lost it!!!  The decorations and trees are up, the lights are up and presents are being planned and bought.  Christmas food plans are being planned and negotiated with mum and sleeping arrangements are being arranged as for every other year, so why do I feel a bit flat this year?  I normally love sitting in front of the tree at night with the twinkling lights wrapping presents but I found myself hating it!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???  We've been to see 3 different santas and some real reindeer which was lovely but no mounting excitement, no warm fuzzy feelings, nothing.  Why is it more stressful this year than any other?  I only have one more child and he's only 6 months so doesn't have a long list, neither of the others have reeled off a shed load of stuff they want either.  Maybe I'll get into the swing of things after I've had a day christmas shopping without the kids?  Who knows.  All I know right now is that it all seems to be a huge stressful rush for one day of frantic unwrapping, pigging out, watching tv then squeezing some more food in before bed!  I don't want to sound Bah Humbug at all I love seeing my kids faces light up when they get downstairs and see their presents and I love giving people presents and obviously receiving them!  I guess it's just taking me a little longer this year to get christmassy!  I hope none of you are struggling this year to find your christmas spirit, and don't forget that one well chosen present is much better (no matter how little it cost) than lots of little things that your children will play with for maybe a couple of days then discard.  I've learnt that lesson the hard way!

Monday, 13 August 2012

This is different and a bit scary

Well I'm new to this blogging lark so I thought I'd take some time out to give it ago - you never know it might help me and also help some people who read it!  Or at the very least give them a giggle!
As you will know (if you know me at all) I am slightly odd at the best of times and quite crazy at the worst all due to my depression and also now it has been heavily hinted at that I have ADHD too so a whole world of crazy going on in this house!  Add to this the fact that I am planning a christening for september and a wedding in november AND it's summer holidays and you get total and utter chaos!!!  All I can say is I'm glad I live in the arse end of nowhere so no-one can hear me scream!!  Seriously though this is a lot harder work that I thought it would be and not being able to get hold of the person who deals with the bookings for stowbridge village hall is not helping any.  I can't complete my invitation inserts without booking the hall and it's driving me MAD!  I also have to meet with a lady at the Castle Hotel in Downham to arrange a menu for my wedding guests to pre-order from which I cannot do today because Dave's at work and it would be a very bad idea to try to do it with the kids in tow.  And breathe.  At least I have managed to get the christening sorted out and can finish writing the invites and send them out.  One thing down....