Saturday, 16 February 2013


My right hand is sore from cutting material up :-(  Right at the base of my thumb.  And I have a LOT more to do!  It will be really worth it in the end though.  I now have a HUGE crochet hook so I'll be able to start my rug as soon as I have all the preparation done.  The t-shirts are for a standard type rag rug so I will be going from having hardly any rugs in the house to rug overload!
Anyway the experimental slow cooked breakfast turned out ok.....not a resounding success but not a complete failure either.  It could do with some fine-tuning for my family's particular tastes but I quite liked it.  It was a lovely smell of apples and cinnamon to come downstairs to.  Even Zack had 2 helpings so it couldn't have been THAT bad!!!  Anya refuses to eat anything but chocolate porridge (porridge with a bit of cocoa powder/drinking chocolate in) so was unimpressed, Dave said it was missing something but it was nice anyway.  Oh well, I'm sure the more I make it, the more I'll put my individual twist on it.  It probably didn't help that I couldn't find any ground flaxseed for it as stated in the recipe.  I added extra oats to help soak up the liquids which helped a bit but I'm not sure what the ground flaxseed adds to it?  I've never used it and don't really know what it is!  Answers on a postcard.....
Dave is still working on his project, disappears into the garden room occassionally for an hour or so.....
Haven't done any more knitting recently, bought a row counter to help so I don't have to keep going back and counting rows - it drove me mad!  Just couldn't remember how many I'd done and forgot to write it down somewhere! 
I tried one of these home-made recipes for Mod Podge yesterday.  Looked ok.  Decided to brighten up a flower pot with Anya's help.  Had some crepe paper laying about from Xmas so thought we could cover the pot with it.  Had yellow, purple and blue.  It seems to have worked.  The podge went on ok (maybe get one of those sponge brushes though for future) and did another coat after first one dried.  Looks ok kinds of "old-paint" look.  The terracotta shows through the paper a bit but I like it and so does Anya so that's what matters!  We're going to plant some flower seeds in it :-)  I'll put a picture on later.  Got to go out and meet mum for lunch now or we'll be late!!!

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