Monday, 18 February 2013

I actually have a blister!

A blister on my hand from overuse of scissors!  They have comfy rubber-type handles too and are very sharp so aren't difficult to use.  Will have to give it a rest for now, let my hand heal a bit before cutting more material up.
My lovely friend brought up a bagful of goodies for me this weekend.  There's a couple of shirts that I can make dresses for Anya from, some jeans that I can use to make a rug/mat for the entranceway as it will be hard-wearing and some other bits that I can incorporate into other projects.  There was also a little bag hidden amongst this bounty and when Anya and I opened it the squeals of delight could be heard in Downham I'm sure!  Ribbons!!!  Lots and lots of loverly ribbons!!!!!  Shiny and glittery and all sorts of colours and lengths - I am so going to enjoy finding uses for them!  Anya immediately put some round her head and in her hair!  So thank you Jo, you really made our day and as promised I will keep you posted on the progress of any project I use the items in.  I am slowly gathering the bits and pieces that I need.  I need to get some trim for the top and bottoms of the shirt/dresses and some edging and elastic for the shoulder straps.  I think that's it.  Then got to spend some time cutting the shirts up (I'll probably tackle both at the same time) and reassembling them, measuring the squirming 3 year old, trying to get time to sew it all back together without going wrong!!!  It'll be a challenge but I WILL get them done though maybe not for a few weeks yet. 
Got a busy few weeks coming up.  Zack's birthday in 2 1/2 weeks and party too.  Got his birthday cake and some smaller cakes to make and ice for that not to mention the party food and party bags!  The there's his present which I haven't even thought about yet! 
I'm hoping to make a Lego figure head for his main cake and some smaller cakes in the shape of little bricks.  NO CUPCAKES!!! Not for a lego party.  Love cupcakes but I don't think they'll fit in very well.....
It hasn't been very nice at home today as Dave has had a nasty bug so has spent his time either sleeping or in the bathroom!!!  Quinn has had a bit of a bug too as he's had diarrhoea today and been off his food a bit for the past couple of days. Anya has been her usual energetic self so been trying to keep her entertained as well as look after Dave and Quinn.  Zachary has been out on his bicycle most of the day in the nice weather so out of the way of all the germs!  Not pleasant but comes with the territory.
Oh well I hope they're better tomorrow and none of the rest of us come down with it.  Dave wants to go to Barry L Hawkins auction viewing tomorrow afternoon but if he's anything like he is today, he won't make it out the front door!

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