Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A new discovery

Thanks to a friend I have discovered www.lakenheath.bookoo.com, an online yard sale site that a lot of americans based in and around Lakenheath in Suffolk use to sell their unwanted items.  I thought I'd check it out will let you all know how I get on.
Dave is still wearing the earring I made him yesterday!  I will make him a proper one at some point and also get a photo but he's being camera shy right now!
Anya is still screaming and crying every time I leave her at Playgroup even though she's upbeat before I am about to go.  Any ideas about this?  I've tried bribery, getting her attention taken away by distraction, staying for a few minutes and starting an activity with her, I'm totally at a loss now. I feel like a really mean mummy when I leave and can hear her still crying as I walk out of the gates and back to the car.  I know she's ok while she's there when she has calmed down and has a lot of fun but it is little comfort when my baby girl is sobbing cos she doesn't want me to go.  All the ladies that work there are lovely people and I have friends who's children have been there and are going there so nothing odd going on. I'm just baffled and frustrated by her behaviour.  I hope that someone can give me some advice before I break and stop taking her.

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