Saturday, 9 February 2013


Right, well, car probs have calmed down a little so other than to say I love the space  and driving it, I'm not going to mention the car in this post today.
Knitting.....trying to knit at least!  Going much better than previous attempts I have about half of the first part of Anya's cardigan done with very little trouble apart from when it came to shaping under the sleeve holes.  I had to watch 3 tutorials on you tube before I got wrap and turn down.  So got a delivery of some chunky wool from ebay and started knitting a scarf for myself with it.  first time I have changed colours but it seems ok so far.  Only started it so I had an easy(ish) project to go to when I got frustrated with the cardigan ;-)
I will post pictures on here when I get a bit of time (and piece and quiet!) to do it.  I am very proud of my work so far.  Also trying to learn crochet - never one thing at a time eh?
Found a great tutorial on pinterest (look on my knitting and crochet board) on how to make a rag rug using single crochet.  It is a very clear and very easy to follow tutorial for a round and an oval rug.  I will be on the search for old sheets, curtains etc that I can rip into strips and use for that.  Watch out everyone I will be digging through your laundry lol!!
Another thing I found on pinterest was a very elegant and rustic looking wall mounted shelving unit made from a wooden pallet!  Look out work - Dave and I will be upcycling a couple of the pallets you have laying about outside not being used.....
I cannot believe that I have only just found out about pinterest - how have I managed to exist without it?  The hints, tips and ideas on there are amazing.  It is full of a wealth of knowledge from all over the world.

Anyway have to go now as got food to prepare and Anya trashing my non-toy space with toys because daddy doesn't tell her not to so that makes it ok. Grrrr!!!

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