Sunday, 14 April 2013

I have re-discovered my love of cardmaking!

I have loved spending time with my 3 children over the Easter Holidays - even if they have driven me slightly more crazy and added a few more grey hairs!  But the best thing about this last fortnight has been my friend.  Not only has she been her usual great self, but she has given me my confidence in my cardmaking skills back and my mojo has returned!  It has been lost somewhere for the last 3 and a half or so years and I'm happy to say that my kitchen table is covered with most of my stash.  I have a very large table and 2/3 of it iss covered! I have re-discovered things that I didn't know I had which is great as it's like the thrill of going shopping for more stuff but without spending money lol!  I have churned out a few cards (one of which has been posted before I took a photo :-( ) which has suprised me and delighted my husband.  He has been trying to suggest to me over the last few months that maybe I should start up again, but I just haven't had any enthusiasm to do it.  Probably down to my depression.   So if you are reading this:


You have helped me more than you know.  Love you loads xxx
And now to the gallery of my (latest) cards:

Badger decoupage



Born to shop die-cut sticker

Foiled/Dufex decoupage

Foiled/Dufex decoupage

Twisted Pyramage

Twisted Pyramage card standing up

Decoupage wine bottle etc

Pyramage (don't know why it uploaded this way!)
   I have also made quite a few toppers for cards over the last 2 weeks, and a congratulations card for my cousin on the birth of her baby boy on Friday early morning. I forgot to take a photo before I posted it unfortunately, but I was very proud of it! I am currently working on some waterfall cards and hoping to get some of my better cards (not all of my cards are pictured here!) into a shop for sale.  Here's hoping!  I also made my own wedding and evening invitations and save the date cards last year.  There are some photos of these in the wedding photo folder on my facebook profile, I'll try to remember to blog about them sometime.....
Anyway, hope these have been interesting to you and if you want to leave any comments, please do so.  Constructive criticism is welcome but nasty comments are not!
Thanks for reading!