Monday, 29 July 2013

Crochet crochet crochet!

Hi all, it seems I have a bug......a crochet bug lol!  I can't stop! I have completed squares, a baby hat, a tiara and I'm now making some granny squares for a table runner.  I love the lacy look the versatility and the speed of which something can be made.  Knitting is lovely and you can make some gorgeous items but it seems to take forever to me.  I will continue to knit inbetween crochet projects though so don't worry I haven't given up on it altogether!  I will post some photos of my completed makes soon.

On a different subject I am getting into the swing of making stock for my Farm House Designs business.  I'm hoping to be ready to do craft stalls from September onwards.  I have at least 2 big events planned for next year - details to follow when everything has been finaslised :-)

Quinn seems to have a wheat sensitivity so I am trying my best to substitute things in his diet so he can still enjoy eating with us without the horrible fall-out in his nappy.  I have made some nice wheat and gluten free bread and today with the children's help some wheat-free brownies and cookies will be produced!  I'm also going to make some pastry and make a pumpkin pie!  Lots of yummies!!!

I hear thunder and I have washing on the line so will go before the storm hits and I have to rescue it all in the pouring rain.
Bye for now!

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